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Anita Bronwyn Toi – Wellness Coaching/ Mind Body Medicine

Anita brings with her over 25 years of study, life and work experience in the field of natural health. She holds formal qualifications in naturopathy, herbal medicine and nutritional medicine. In the last five years she extended her training into the newer fields of life and health coaching as well as body therapies and energetic healing.

Anita believes that “you can drink the green smoothies, turmeric lattes and stand on your head but if you aren’t simultaneously attending to the inner work, it will always feel as though something is missing.” 

Her passion has become this ‘inner work’. She supports her clients in bringing awareness to the emotional wounds and psychological blocks that prevent them from creating the health and lives they desire.

Anita is an empathetic listener who allows her clients to feel seen, heard and met wherever they are on their healing journey. She is also all about practical action steps and creates an individualised wellness plan that is different for every client.

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Enquiries welcome or 0474 064 486