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Clinical Neuropsychology

Neuropsychology is a specialist field of psychology that focuses on the effect of altered brain functioning on thinking skills (cognition), behaviour and emotions. These changes can be as a result of brain injury, stroke, illness (e.g. tumour, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy), deteriorating mental state (e.g. dementia), psychiatric conditions, drug or alcohol abuse among other conditions.

A neuropsychologist specialises in assessment of thinking, behavioural and emotional strengths and weakness in the context of the person’s own individual circumstances. For example, a person who has sustained a brain injury might want to return to work but is unsure what supports they may need. In this case, a Neuropsychologist will perform an assessment and make recommendations for how best to compensate for any problems with attention, memory etc. There may also be recommendations about involving other allied health professionals, for example an occupational therapist, or in receiving some counselling to assist with adjustment. The neuropsychologist may then also be involved in directly assisting the person with set up of strategies on in an ongoing counselling capacity.

Other roles a neuropsychologist may take could be in assisting medical physicians with diagnosis of conditions or lawyers in preparing cases for court. Or more simply, a neuropsychologist could provide counselling and support for individuals and/or their families in adjusting to changed circumstances due to injury or illness.


Individuals can self-refer for neuropsychological input. Referrals are also accepted from medical physicians, allied health providers, funders or any other stakeholders. If you want to make a referral, please contact reception for a referral form which can be filled out and re-submitted. A Neuropsychologist will be in contact with you to discuss your needs further.

Funding options

At this stage, neuropsychological assessments are NOT eligible for funding through Medicare. However, you may be able to claim against private health insurance. The service is compensable under TAC, Workcover, DVA and many services are also eligible for NDIS funding. For other services (behavioural support, counselling etc) eligible for Medicare funding you will need a care plan from your GP or medical specialist. You are also welcome to self-fund. These options and fee structure can be discussed in more detail on receipt of referral.

We are unable to take online books for this service, please call the clinic on 5222 3838 for more details, or alternatively you can make an enquiry or booking at