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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching with Anita

Anita works with a range of people going through difficult life transitions or whom feel stressed and overwhelmed by their lives and need some temporary support. Some examples include;

  • Exhausted parents struggling to juggle the demands of home, raising children, working, maintaining relationships and keeping everyone happy.
  • Full time professionals striving for some balance after dedicating most of their waking lives to career obligations at the expense of their greater wellbeing.
  • Women dealing with separation, divorce, shared custody or loss of a spouse. 
  • Women who turn to food, alcohol, stimulants, obsessive exercise or dieting to cope with something and need help breaking the cycle.
  • Caregivers, whose work it is to look after others but are not meeting their own needs for nourishment on physical, mental and emotional levels. 

Wellness coaching is a collaborative experience that requires commitment to the process. You will be supported and held accountable for taking action on those areas you desire change. You may be stretched and asked to take a leap but it will feel as though there is a safety net beneath you as you move towards your goals.

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